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This year’s not Christmas dinner

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Spicy chickpea snack


Boil 500 g chickpeas with 3 tsp pink himalayan salt in plenty of water for two hours (do not soak first). Drain thoroughly and let cool.

Stem and deseed 10 dried árbol and 2 dried guajillo chilies and dry-roast them till they start turning darker.

Dry-roast 1 tsp cumin seeds.

When the spices have cooled completely, grind them to a fine powder together with 2 tsp pink himalayan salt.

Heat 1 l corn or sunflower oil to 175 C. Add the chickpeas and fry till golden-brown and crunchy – about 15 minutes.

Remove the chickpeas from the oil and, while they are still hot, mix them with two tablsp  the spices. Let cool and serve.

Keeps for seven to ten day in an airtight container.