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Programme for the InterNations visit to Dokumenta 14, Kassel, June 2017

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Here are some quick facts I have gleaned from the various material now available (their own website, which is one of the most unprofessional I have ever come across for a large-scale, international event such as this one: http://www.documenta14.de/en/; the articles on frieze.com: https://frieze.com/article/documenta-14-kassel-overview (scroll down and find one or two more); and the magazines already mentioned elsewhere):

The three main venues are: Dokumenta Halle, Neue Galerie, and Neue Hauptpost aka Neue Neue Galerie. (Fredericianum, an imposing and characteristic building centrally located by the Karlsaue (large park) which used to be the main venue, this time around houses works from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens).

Of the three, Neue Hauptpost (a disused post office) contains the majority of newly commissioned works and Neue Galerie exhibits historical works and research, while Dokumenta Halle shows installation art and documents performances.

Of all the “off-site” venues, Hessisches Landesmuseum is considered to be the most important to visit. Another option could be the old Hauptbahnhof, now used partly for art, and partly as a station for regional trains. Many other “other venues” show film and video art.

Based on the above, I have tried to further elaborate the programme (entirely optional of course). Feel free to let me know if you have stumbled on insights that I have not, and have special wishes and must-sees (also concerning where to have lunch and dinner …..). The programme is still a work in progress and can be changed according to wishes.


Thursday 22 June

Midday arrival of two people, as far as I know, so it should be easy to agree a meeting point either for lunch or dinner.

One of the leaflets I have found lists an area with several commercial galleries representing emerging artists (so not directly linked to Dokumenta 14), and I am planning on visiting those on this afternoon. Here is a map that shows – apart from my hotel 🙂 – the alledged “Galerienmeile” as well a three other recommended galleries a bit further away.

19.00 or later if it suits better: Dinner for those who are already in Kassel.

Friday 23 June

10.00 Two venues off the beaten track: Gottschalk-Halle and Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, perhaps followed by the Fredericianum if there is time. Meeting place Kulturzentrum Schlachthof or a more central place in order to walk or take public transport together.

13.00 (approx) Lunch

14.30 Karlsaue (which apparently is not showing as many works as traditionally, Neue Galerie and Bellevue (located so as to offer nice views).

19.00 (or later if it suits better) Dinner

Saturday 24 June

10.00 Dokumenta Halle; followed by Hessisches Landesmuseum if there is time.

13.00 (approx) Lunch

14.30 Neue Hauptpost; and the pavillions in Kurt Schumacher Straße (each featuring one artist)

19.00 Dinner

Sunday 25 June

10.00 Hauptbahnhof and/or anything we have not yet managed and/or only found out about while there. People returning to Berlin by train can take a regional train from here to the main station.

13.00 Lunch (if anybody is still there), and departures.