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Nurition, stress management and burnout prevention

Homemade body cream

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This is less oily than a lot of other homemade creams and lotions:

50 ml (one half dl) grated beeswax

50 ml (one half dl) carrier oil (I prefer argan, sweet almond, apricot, avocado or jojoba)

50 ml (one half dl) shea butter

50 ml (one half dl) coconut oil

2 dl distilled water

1 dl aloe vera gel

1 tsp vitamin E oil

10 drops frankincense oil

10 drops cedarwood oil

10 drops clary sage essential oil

Heat carrier oil and beeswax slowly in a bowl placed over a pot of gently boiling water till the beeswax has just melted. Add shea butter and moments later coconut oil and melt. Remove from heat.

When cooled some, but still soft, whisk while adding the distilled water little by little. Keep whisking till light and fluffy. This can take a while.

Add essential oils and stir in.

Keep in small, clean jars and refrigerate what will not be used within 2-3 weeks.

Homemade facial serum for problem areas

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Mix the following and use on trouble areas (eyes, mouth, neck, …..)

5 drops Frankincense eo

5 drops Myrrh eo

5 drops Lavender eo

1-2 drops Rose eo

2 drops Helichrysum or Geranium eo

5 ml argan oil (other good carrier oils are almond, jojoba and rosehip.

Essential oils – deodorant

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30 ml white vinegar

90 ml distilled water

8 drops clary sage essential oil

8 drops patchouli essential oil

4 drops teatree oil

Essential oils: foot lotion, scalp treatment, sleep

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Foot lotion: 1 dl olive oil, 10 drops clove essential oil

Scalp: 1 tblsp jojoba oil, 5 drops lavender essential oil

Sleep: 4 drops each of cedarwood and orange essential oil in the diffuser

Cellulite: 1 dl coconut oil, 30 drops lemon essential oil, 10 drops peppermint


Moisturiser with sunscreen

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1tblsp coconut oil

3 tblsp shea butter

1 tblsp avocado oil

1 tblsp jojoba

30 drops carrot seed oil

1 tablsp apricot kernel oil

5 drops e-vitamin oil


STOP (2)

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Take a few minutes and let your attention scan your whole body from toes to head. Then go and breathe some fresh air.

STOP (1)

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Stop what you are doing.

Sit upright in a chair or cross-legged whereever you are comfortable.

Take a few deep breaths all the way from the bottom of the abdomen to the top of the lungs, and make sure that the outbreath is a couple of counts longer than the inbreath.

Then spend a couple of minutes breathing normally, following your inbreath and your outbreaths. Observe the thoughts that will inevitably arise but note that they are not facts and they are not permanent.

Notice any emotions arising and how and where they are expressed in the body. Research shows that just naming your emotions can have a calming effect.

Slowly stretch. Perhaps have cup of tea before you proceed with your work or chores.

Homemade anti-ageing night serum No 2

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1 dl almond oil

10 drops each sandalwood, lavender, and rosemary


Recommended oils to be taken at each meal

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1 tblsp oil, OR

10-20 nuts or almonds, OR

1-2 tblsp seeds, OR

8-12 olives, OR

a half avocado

My diplomas from School of Natural Health Sciences, and additional studies

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The certificate of my Danish stress coach training:


In addition, I now hold the following diplomas from School of Natural Health Sciences, and am studying to achieve similar diplomas in the subjects of diabetes risk awareness, psychotherapy and counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, life coaching, aromatherapy, herbalism and business marketing for holistic therapists.


I am further signed up for a three-day course for EU staff on preparation for retirement, held at the European Commission in Brussels, as well as various courses at ‘Folkeuniversitetet’ (where I have been following their annual courses on mindfulness) during the spring of 2015, most notably a two-day course on ‘understanding grief’.

The following is a selection of books I have read and am reading, on-line courses I have followed, DVDs watched, CDs listened to, and website that I have studied and am continually consulting in the process of educating myself:

(I am still working on this list)

Health and wellbeing, healthy ageing

Book: Gesund Und Fit Bis Ins Hohe Alter: Eine praktische Gesundheitsberatung, by Andrea Modrzejewski

Book: The Emotional Life of Your Brain: How Its Unique Patterns Affect the Way You Think, Feel, and Live-And How You Can Change Them, by Richard J. Davidson, Sharon Begley

CDs: Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, Find Peace in Any Situation, Colin Tipping

CDs: Break Through Difficult Emotions, by Shinzen Young

e-book: The 10 Secrets Of Healthy Ageing: How to live longer, look younger and feel great, by Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne

e-book: Beautiful Ageing, by Denni Whitworth

e-book: Change: what really leads to lasting personal transformation, by Jeffrey A. Kottler

e-book: The Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power, by Christopher S. Kilham

e-book: How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t Get from Your Financial Advisor, by Ernie Zelinsky

e-book: Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart, by Alan D. Wolfelt






Life coaching:

Book: Counselling in a Nutshell, by Windy Dryden

Book: The Handbook of Coaching Psychology: A Guide for Practitioners, by Stephen Palmer, Alison Whybrow

Book: Jetzt geht es um mich: Die Depression besiegen – Anleitung zur Selbsthilfe, by Josef Giger-Bütler

Book: Coaching Across Cultures: New Tools for Leveraging National, Corporate and Professional Differences, by Philippe Rosinski

Book: Flourish: A New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being – and How To Achieve Them, by Martin E. P. Seligman

Book: Coaching with NLP: How to be a Master Coach, by Joseph O’Connor, Andrea Lages

Book: The Coaching Manual: The Definitive Guide to the Process, Principles and Skills of Personal Coaching

Book: Change Your Thinking with CBT: Overcome Stress, Combat Anxiety and Improve Your Life, by Dr Sarah Edelman

Book: John Whitmore: Coaching for performance – GROWing Human Potential and Purpose – The Principles and Practice of High-performance Coaching


Stress management and prevention:

Book (in Danish): Bjarne Toftegård: Praktisk Stresscoaching

Book (in Danish): Bobby Zachariae: Trivsel og Håndtering af Stress

Book (in Danish): Bobby Zachariae: Stresskompetence

Book (in Danish): Majken Matzau og Christina Bølling: Stressfri på tolv uger eller mere

Book (in Danish): Svend Brinkmann og Malene Friis: Nye perspektiver på stress

Book (in Danish): Thomas Milsted: Stress – grib chancen for et bedre arbejdsliv

Book: Integrative Stress Counselling: A Humanistic Problem-Focused Approach, by Stephen Palmer, Pat Milner

Book: Stress Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness, by Edward A. Charlesworth, Ronald G. Nathan

Book: Managing the Causes of Work-related Stress: A Step-by-step Approach Using the Management Standards (Health and Safety Guidance), Health and Safety Executive

Book: Workplace Bullying: Symptoms and Solutions, by Noreen Tehrani

Book: Diagnose Burnout: Hilfe für das erschöpfte Ich – Ein SPIEGEL-Buch – Angela Gatterburg, Annette Großbongardt

Book: Psychische Belastungen im Arbeitsalltag: Trainingsmanual zur Stärkung persönlicher Ressourcen, by Nadine Schuster, et al

Book: Stressprävention und Stressabbau: Praxisbuch für Beratung, Coaching und Psychotherapie. Mit Online-Material, by Hans Bernhard, Josef Wermuth

Book: Stress im Arbeitskontext: Ursachen, Bewältigung und Prävention, by Luise Bartholdt, Astrid Schütz

Book: Soforthilfe bei Stress und Burn-out: Neue Energie in wenigen Tagen – Coaching mit Neuroimagination – Strategien der Vorbeugung, by Horst Kraemer

Book: Burn-out – Wenn die Maske zerbricht: Wie man Überbelastung erkennt und neue Wege geht – by Dr Manfred Nelting

Book: Auftanken, bevor die Seele streikt: Kraftquellen finden, wenn alles zu viel wird, by Dirk Garthe

Book: Ich habe keine Lösung, aber ich bewundere das Problem: Provokatives Coaching für den Berufsalltag, by Jonathan Briefs

Book: Endlich ausgebrannt!: Die etwas andere Burnout-Prophylaxe, by Thomas Bergner

CD: Stress-Proof Your Brain: Meditations to Rewire Neural Pathways for Stress Relief and Unconditional Happiness, by Rick Hanson

CD: Guided Meditations for Stress Reduction, by Bodhipaksa

CDs: Stress Relief Volumes 1 & 2 with Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah

CD: Stress Management with Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah

CDs: Living Meditation Vol. II and III – Guided Relaxations and Meditations With David Harshada Wagner

e-book: Burnout kommt nicht nur von Stress: Warum wir wirklich ausbrennen – und wie wir zu uns selbst zurückfinden, by Miriam Priess

Online course: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction,



Book: Sharon Salzberg: Real Happiness – the power of meditation – a 28-day programme

Book: Brian L. Weiss: Meditation – achieving inner peace and tranquillity in your life

Book: Jack Kornfield: Meditation for beginners

Book: John Daido Loori: Finding the still point – a beginner’s guide to zen meditation

Book and CD: Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (Includes Free CD with Guided Meditations) Mark Williams, Danny Penman

Book: The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness (includes Guided Meditation Practices CD), by Mark Williams, et al

CD: Mindfulness for Beginners, Jon Kabat-Zinn

CD: Meditations for Happiness: Rewire Your Brain for Lasting Contentment and Peace, by Rick Hanson

CD: Still the Mind: Simple Breathing Practices for Inner Peace, by Bodhipaksa

CD: The Wisdom of the Breath: Three Guided Meditations for Calming the Mind and Cultivating Insight, by Bodhipaksa

CD: The Miracle Of Mindfulness: The Classic Guide to Meditation by the World’s Most Revered Master (Classic Edition), with Thich Nhat Hanh

CDs: Guided Mindfulness Meditation Series 1, 2 and 3, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

CDs: Mindfulness of Breathing 2 CD set – Managing pain, ilness and stress with mindfulness meditation, by and with Vidyamala Burch, Sona Fricker

CD: Pure Meditation: v. 3: The Tibetan Buddhist Practice of Inner Peace, by Pema Chodron

CDs: Living Without Stress Or Fear, by Thich Nhat Hanh



E-book: 600 Aromatherapy recipes

e-book: Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The complete guide to the use of aromatic oils in aromatherapy, herbalism, health and well-being, by Julia Lawless


Website: Healthy and natural world:





Website: for thorough descriptions, uses, and purchase of 100% pure essential oils:



e-book: The Herbalist’s Way: The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines, by Michael Phillips and Nancy Phillips


EFT (‘tapping’):

Book and DVDs (in Danish):; Basic EFT course (in Danish),

Book and DVD: Nick Ortner: The tapping solution:

DVD: New beginnings – tapping for change, by David Childerley

e-book: Energy EFT, by Silvia Hartmann