Homemade face cream for mature skin

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Please use organic ingredients and make sure the essential oils are of a good quality and 100% pure:

4 tblsp shea butter

1 large tblsp coconut oil

6 tablsp oil, for example almond oil, but you can also mix some carrier oils for more benefits, for example 2 tblsp apricot kernel oil, 2 tblsp jojoba oil and 2 tblsp hemp seed oil

20 drops essential oil of your choice, or for example 10 drops frankincense and 10 drops rosemary oil, both of which have astringent properties.

In a tall, not too wide, glass or steel bowl or jug placed in hot water, melt the shea butter and coconut oil. Mix in the other ingredients. When it starts to set, which to a fluffy cream.