Stress counselling and life coaching in Berlin and Copenhagen

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If you are


In need of stress counselling/life coaching, especially if you belong to what I call the “55+ – or 60+ – what now?” segment, perhaps feeling overwhelmed and no longer able to make ends meet in terms of time and energy, perhaps juggling a full-time job as well as parents who need more and more help, or in need of encouragement to find another career and a more independent, part-time working life, or inspiration to, without fanaticism, incorporate a healthier lifestyle,


in the health- and wellbeing business, holistic or with holistic leanings, looking to employ somebody with my qualifications, or to partner with me because your qualifications supplement/complement mine – or mine yours – if you are for example a masseur or a nutritionist or similar,


an employer wanting to offer stress counselling and life coaching to employees nearing retirement age,

please read on, and if any of it meets with your interest, I would be very happy to hear from you.

My name is Helle Møller, born in Denmark in 1952. After a long working life on the secretarial and administrative support staff in EU and UN institutions, I am in the process of reducing my working hours and thinking of retiring completely from my current job at the end of this year. I will then move from Copenhagen to Berlin where I hope to find work of a more independent, flexible and part-time nature.

A copy of my CV up to the end of 2014 is available on demand.

I am a certified stress coach from the Danish provider Prakticon, and hold a diploma in advanced stress management from the UK School of Natural Health Sciences. I have been and am still educating myself in life coaching and various natural health sciences. Please find my certificates and diplomas, and a list of books I have read, DVDs I have watched, on-line courses I have followed, and websites I have studied, and am continually consulting, here.

I am already now offering stress counselling and life coaching to people as described above, using a combination of NLP and CBT, and – in agreement with the client, and where appropriate, mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy (minus massage), and herbalism. I am increasingly splitting time between Copenhagen and Berlin, and although I do prefer the first meeting to take place face-to-face, it can also take place via Skype, and subsequent sessions can certainly be conducted via Skype or telephone or even e-mail. Also, if a client for one reason or the other feels uneasy about meeting in either their or my private home, a walking session, or even a session over coffee in a café, is also an option. And needless to say, everything that is said between us is strictly confidential.

Once I live in Berlin I am not entirely certain whether I will be working at my own home, or rent a space, perhaps business partnering with another practitioner, or try to become a part-time employee, or a combination of all of the above. I will see what options present themselves, but I do know that in addition to one-to-one counselling I am hoping to conduct group sessions, where a small number of people can sit in a guided mindfulness meditation and afterwards discuss one or two issues of the day or week, perhaps one weekly early morning over breakfast before going to work.

I should also underline that, although I can get by in German, and read and understand it, my spoken German is not (yet?) good enough to conduct work of this nature in that language, so until further notice, my working language remains English.

And finally, although I am a great believer in the natural health sciences, I am not at all rejecting conventional medicine, and I do not play Russian roulette with other people’s health. Therefore, I do in some cases where I feel it is appropriate, recommend, and sometimes even insist, that a client sees a medical professional either instead of or in parallel to seeing me.

I hope the above sets the tone for the type of practise I am conducting and hope to develop further, and look forward to hearing from you with any comments and inquiries you may have.”