Homemade creams and lotions

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(Work in progress)

Whipped body butter: Warm up 2 dl shea or cocoa butter and 1 dl coconut oil til it can be mixed with other oils, 1 dl almond oil, total of 20 drops eo, for example lavender, bergamot, frankincense, geranium, wild orange. Whip till desired texture.

Foot lotion: 2 tsp tea tree oil, 15 drops lavender oil, 60 ml olive oil

Deodorant: 5 tblsp coconut oil, 1 tblsp baking soda, 15 drops tea tree oil, 15 drops lavender oil, 4 tblsp arrowroot powder (or till desired texture)

Night serum 1: 1 tblsp apricot kernel oil, 1 tblsp avocado oil, 10 drops patchouli eo, 10 drops geranium eo, 5 drops lemon eo, 5 drops rosemary eo

Night serum 2: 1,2 dl apricot kernel oil, 10 drops carrot seed oil, 10 drops rosehip eo, 10 drops sandalwood eo, and five drops each of geranium, lemon, frankincense, myrrh and rosemary eo

Best anti-ageing carrier oils: apricot kernel, sweet almond, coconut, avocado, argan, jojoba, hemp.

Rule of thumb: 15 drops essential oil to 2 tblsp carrier oil

Essential oils for cellulite: grape, geranium, juniper, lemon, orange, rosemary, in avocado and/or grapeseed and/or jojoba carrier oil.

Exfoliation: baking soda and lemon juice

Toothpaste: 2 tblsp coconut oil, 2 tblsp baking soda, 15 drops peppermint or cinnamon (or half-and-half) eo

Hand lotion: 10 ml each of jojoba, apricot, almond, hemp and avocado, with 10 drops each of teatree, frankincense and sandalwood

Lip balm: cocoa butter, lavender eo and frankincense eo