Questions about my visits to the Copenhagen Buddhist Centre

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I have received many private messages asking me how on earth I can spend time in the Copenhagen Buddhist Centre since I am such a blatant non-believer. First of all, I can only be there because they tone down the religious, spiritual and worship aspects and have a practical and pragmatic approach to teaching meditation. Secondly, I do believe in science and the growing evidence of the benefits of meditation and I encourage everybody who cares to listen to meditate, so I need some inspiration and tips. Thirdly, I know more non-Danes than Danes, and it is therefore useful to know that there is a place in Copenhagen that teaches meditation in English, but I can’t recommend a place (especially not to people who come to me with stress-related problems) unless I know what the place is about. Fourthly, there are many styles of teaching meditation, and it is very individual what resonates with whom. Whether I go to this centre or an open-university course or whatever, I always take away something useful.

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