Galleries and gastronomy in Berlin Spring 2014

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People often ask me what I keep finding to do during my repeated trips to Berlin. In fact I have the opposite problem: I always find I could have used another day or two (or would have liked to just stay forever). The list of things to see and do keeps getting longer.

My first trip in 2014 had two main purposes: A WordPress course for beginners organised by Artconnect (in order to learn to do this :-)), and a detour to Cologne for the two annual art fairs.

But first an InterNations dinner at Korean restaurant Yamyam, recommended by a Korean friend living in Berlin:

20140410_194952 20140410_194923 20140410_194842

Then a trip to Cologne for Liste Cologne and Art Cologne: See the Photos.

Another highlight was the exhibition “Evidence” with works by Ai Weiwei – the largest ever exhibition of his works outside China – in Martin-Gropius-Bau, (unfortunately, it was not allowed to take photos) followed by dinner at Chinese restaurant Peking Ente on the corner of Wilhelmsstrasse and Vossstrasse, near the famous GDR-era Max Lingner mural:

20140414_155244 20140414_201410 20140414_212934

I ventured a little bit off the beaten tourist track and went to Treptower Park via Puschkinallee, to see the Soviet War Memorial. It is located in Treptower Park and can be entered from both Puschkinallee and Am Treptower Park (which is JUST off most maps of Berlin).

20140416_122430 20140416_131544 20140416_130928 20140416_130850 20140416_130251 20140416_130030 20140416_125719 20140416_125301 20140416_125007 20140416_124935 20140416_124746 20140416_124733 20140416_124701 20140416_124539 20140416_124522 20140416_124227 20140416_123940 20140416_122621


Here is a bonus tip for a visit to the Soviet Memorial. You will not find any cafés or restaurants in either of the above mentioned streets (and not inside the park either), and since I am always, at boringly regular intervals, looking for a pitstop (and a toilet) I was happy to find one exception: An Italian restaurant across the street from the Am Treptower Park entrance, Al Colosseo. Open every day from 11.00. I just had a (very nice) salad, but everything else looked good and it was fairly well visited for a Wednesday noon.

Walking back to Kreuzberg and my WP course in Neukölln along the Landwehrkanal, I came across another good pitstop, with a nice terrace: Café/Restaurant Kalle Klein on Lohmühlenplatz:

Café Kalle Klein

20140416_141338  20140416_154046 20140416_153637 20140416_152517 20140416_151912 20140416_142011 20140416_14343420140416_155010

My next trip, less than two weeks later, focused on the Gallery Weekend 2014 (on the occasion of which I had organised three gallery walks on InterNations, and good food (two dinners organised on InterNations. And then I finally managed to attend a guided tour in Tierpark Friedrichsfelde, conducted by Christian Heidt. (Who says you can’t make new friends on Facebook? :-)). The theme was “animals in the service of man” (of course, since it took place on Labour Day).

But I arrived the day before and started by visiting three galleries with opening receptions already on 30 April: Nolan Judin, with a great show by Adrian Ghenie  (photos), Loock, with a show by Anton Henning, and Aurel Scheibler with a show by Philip Guston. As usual in Berlin, it turned out there were several other galleries to visit along the way, which we  had not been aware of from the start.

2014-04-30 18.11.18   2014-04-30 18.16.07   2014-04-30 18.30.36

By the way, I also had to spend some time that day getting a new SIM card, since my Danish one had for some reason been deactivated, so I now have a German phone number which I think I will continue to use whenever I am here. Send me a message if you ever need it. Dinner that day was in the Indian restaurant by the river – Shezan, just across from my  hotel – Derag Grosser Kurfürst.

2014-04-30 19.50.05
Duck tikka Masala

The day after, I first made my way to Tierpark Friedrichsfelde, which is Europe’s largest ‘landscape zoo’. Not quite as centrally located as the zoo near Zoologischer Bahnhof, but still just a short U-Bahn ride from Alexanderplatz to U-Bahn Tierpark.

I joined a guided tour conducted by a kind, competent and knowledgable acquaintance,  Christian Heidt. It being 1 May, the theme was ‘animals in the service of man’.

2014-05-01 09.20.53 2014-05-01 10.22.01 2014-05-01 10.23.25 2014-05-01 10.37.02 2014-05-01 10.41.32 2014-05-01 10.47.18 2014-05-01 10.54.20 2014-05-01 11.03.50 2014-05-01 11.05.14 2014-05-01 11.08.41

More photos from a previous visit.

On the way back, I stopped at Straussenberg Platz for a coffee. This is on the legendary Karl-Marx-Allee, worth visiting for a stroll.

2014-05-01 13.16.09

Some impressions from the walk back to the hotel:

2014-05-01 13.42.51  2014-05-01 13.49.11  2014-05-01 13.53.03  2014-05-01 13.54.07  2014-05-01 14.07.12  2014-05-01 14.16.58

In the evening I met up with two friends from InterNations to spoil ourselves with an evening at Michelin-star restaurant ‘5 – Cinco by Paco Pérez.

I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough. First of all, I started out as one of those slightly difficult customers who was not sure how many people to book for, and also, one of us had some dietary constraints, so there was a lot of e-mailing back and forth, all dealt with by Julia, who was one of the most patient people I have ever had the pleasure of corresponding with. When the evening came around, that spirit continued. The menu for the person with dietary constraints was really well thought through, also in relation to the Experience menus the other two of us had, which consisted of a steady stream of delicacies of varying (mostly very intense) flavours, textures, temperatures …… The accompanying wine menu was perfect and the service accommodating, friendly and impeccable all the way through. If you are ever in Berlin and wanting to really indulge, then you should definitely take this restaurant into consideration:

20140501_191841 20140501_191849 20140501_192940 20140501_194100 20140501_200654 20140501_201538 20140501_202804 20140501_211859 20140501_213222 20140501_213415 20140501_215104 20140501_221022 20140501_221030 20140501_221051 20140501_223104

The next day, a gallery walk in Kreuzberg. In addition to Künstlerhaus Bethanien, we visited the following galleries: Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Galerie Barbara WeissChert, KwadratGalerie Rolando Anselmi, and Klemm’s.

20140502_183541 20140502_181514 20140502_175445 20140502_18360920140502_183552  20140502_171038  20140502_163912

…. and went staight on to a farewell party:

20140502_211938 20140502_211921 20140502_211801 20140502_21182620140502_211842 20140502_211855 meatandrews 20140502_21191520140502_211901.

The next day another gallery walk, this time in the Auguststr./Linienstr. area. Among the exhibition places and many  – MANY – galleries visited were: ‘I Amsterdam you Berlin’, Galerie Pavlova, Galerie Martin Mertens, Rasche Ripken3 Punts Galerie, and four personal favourites: Neugerriemschneider, Kuckei + Kuckei, Galerie Eigen + Art, and Galerie Deschler.

20140503_160445 20140503_155640 20140503_155623 20140503_155349 20140503_153239 20140503_152243 20140503_150334 20140503_150302 20140503_150238 20140503_134737 20140503_130720

Some of us ended up in Princess Cheesecake in Tucholskystrasse:

20140503_161457 20140503_161443 20140503_163110 20140503_162553

Walking back to the hotel, and then out to dinner …..

20140503_171041 20140503_17342620140503_19284020140503_192048

…. in Long March Canteen. Great dim sum and dumplings, but a little bit too noisy to my taste, and the air was very bad as well.

20140503_203432 20140503_203828 20140503_205114 20140503_205200 20140503_203415

The next day the fourth and last InterNations gallery walk. We started in the Galerienhaus Lindenstrasse with about 11 galleries, and then went on to the galleries in the Charlottenstrasse/Markgrafenstrasse area: Galerie Barbara Thumm, Buchmann Galerie, Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand, Galerie Thomas SchulteGalerie Alexander Ochs, and Carlier Gebauer. And finally on to the galleries in Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 26, among them Galerie Crone, and Galerie Isabelle Czarnowska.

20140504_164752 20140504_163529 20140504_163518 20140504_163132 20140504_163003 20140504_162224 20140504_162202 20140504_161951 20140504_161149 20140504_160215 20140504_160110 20140504_155209 20140504_151529 20140504_151505 20140504_144221

There was also time to wonder who drew the line along which the Berlin wall was built:

20140504_170414 20140504_153849 20140504_134430

And true to form, some of us ended up having a meal together, again in Shezan.


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