Hot lemon pickle

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Hot lemon pickle

This heightens most bland and boring northern European dishes, especially with fish.

Yield: about 1 l.

2 tsp mustard seeds

2 tblsp chili- eller cayennepeber, or add sliced fresh chilies later

1-2 tblsp turmeric

Customise with your favourite spices – cloves, cinnamon, cumin, coriander

6 tblsp coarse salt

2,5 dl mustard or olive oil

1 large onion

Fresh chilies

6 flawless lemons, must be ecological or at least with unwaxed peel

Roast and crush/powderise all whole spices

Add chili or cayenne powder, turmeric and salt

Wash and dry the lemons very thoroughly. Quarter them lengthwise, then cut into eight slices

Finely slice onions and chilies

Heat the oil and add onions, stirring till they start to turn opaque. If using fresh chilies, add them.

Add the spice mixture and stir. Turn off heat and add the lemons. Store in sterilised glass(es), turning them upside down daily, in the fridge for 15 days before using.